Man it’s hard to keep a secret in a business like ours. Not a secret from others in our business but a secret from the small business retail marketplaces in which we serve with our Point of Sale software.

We need to keep secrets from time to time to help us leverage the competitive advantage of being first to market with a product, service, new facility or some other thing.

We’re not a software company that says we were first with something when we were not. We are also not a software company that announces something it does not deliver.

Right now, we have several genuinely innovative announcements we are sitting on. On one case we want to see the beta release program through while in another we are completing packaging and some other external service.

It’s hard, though, sitting very exciting announcements that will deliver extraordinary value to our small business retailer customers. We will make the announcements when we are ready to deliver access for everyone. In other words, these announcements will be made the moment we are setup to deliver.

Anyone can send out a press release. It takes commitment, co-ordination and hard work to ensure that the words are backed by valued action.

But we’re excited to tell the world as a couple of the announcements are game-changes. No, seriously, they are. They are big picture moves by our small software company for our small business customers … moves that will help our customers make more money and enjoy their businesses more.

Yeah, that sounds like marketing soon. It’s not. Just wait and see. We are serious about delivering extra value to our customers and we have two ways we’re going to do that very soon.

We can’t wait!