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Saturday help desk closed today

The Tower Systems Saturday POS software help desk is closed today for Easter.  All after hours and emergency numbers are operating.


Good Friday a catch up day for small business retailers

Small business retailers don’t get many days off from their shops with seven day trading and late trading usually two nights a week. This is why today is a bonus with just about all shops closed.  But while shops are closed, retailers are often busy at home and working on paperwork, using the day off – or some of it at least – to get caught up.

We make sure we are available on days like today for urgent issues if they come us. Some of us at Tower Systems are doing what our customers do today, working on some quiet time activities so we’re better prepared for when everyone is back on deck.

Such is the nature of small business ownership. Days when you are closed are days of opportunity for getting other things done. Understanding this is important to good customer service.

So to all small business retailers out there taking the ‘day off’ to get some work done … we hear you and empathise with you.


POS software help desk Easter hours

Our POS software help desk will be closed from 6pm today through to 7am next Tuesday, April 2. Our after hours numbers and emergency numbers will all be operational through this time for urgent support queries.  All of our customers have been notified of the coverage and numbers.


Scale integration for POS software industry best practice

The thoughtful best-practice integration of scales to its POS software is another enhancement being delivered by Tower Systems to help its retail partners have more options as they evolve their businesses into new product and service areas.

Whereas in the past scales were used for fruit and vegetable retailing, today their use is more widespread – especially in non-food areas. This is where Tower Systems sees opportunities for gift retailer, homewares retailers, newsagents, garden centres and others in the company’s retail portfolio.

As with all product extension and enhancement work, the development of scale integration is being undertaken following industry standards, delivering a genuinely best practice solution for retailers.

This POS software / scale integration work is being done for a client developing a unique retail model, one we are thrilled to be in on the ground floor with.


Tracking trade-in sales is easy with this POS software

With more retailers offering a trade-in opportunity for items like DVDs, books and other media type items, the flexibility of the Point of Sale software from Tower Systems is proving to be especially useful in tracking these and handling inventory records appropriately.

Offering several ways of handling the recording of the trade-in, the Tower software provides options to serve various retail situations. This lets retailers choose the method most appropriate to their needs.

Keeping record tracking at the sales counter efficient and accurate are the key and this is where the Tower software works a treat for the handling of trade-in situations. It’s where we help retailers save time while offering the flexibility and value of the trade in situation.

In retail today, now more than every, retailers and their software partners need to provide more flexibility than ever.


POS software online training schedule for April

Tower Systems has released details of the Point of Sale software online training workshops planned for April. The topics cover:

  • Getting more out of the Repairs Module in Retailer
  • Using Retailer to Manage Staff
  • Mandarin session – Processing manual invoice arrivals
  • Best practice for managing Subagents
  • Open Forum – Newsagency’s
  • How to Cut Theft in Your business
  • Mandarin session – How to process Customer Billing & Statements

Our customers can book online through our training portal. They can also add details to their calendar at the training portal.

Access to the training workshops is free.


It’s easy to sell items without a barcode using POS software

Accurately selling inventory items without a barcode is easy with the Tower Systems Point of Sale software. A good example of where this is important is in the selling of single sheets of coloured paper and cardboard in newsagencies, stationery shops and craft shops.

While a retailer could put a barcode on the sheets, the adhesive could damage the product. So, being able to sell the items without a barcode is important.

Using the Tower Point of Sale software, retailers can easily sell items without a barcode thanks to clever touch screen setup. They can sell to whatever level they want including, in the case of cardboard, brand,colour, size and the like. This flexibility is very important for craft shops that want deep level stock control in their business. It speaks to the wonderful flexibility in the software.

Retailers of all types use the flexibility in the POS screen for selling items that cannot have a barcode for one reason or another.


Fuel integration helps POS software users evolve their retail businesses

Retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software are shortly to be able to manage fuel dispensing thanks to the the latest extension to the POS software. Connecting with the industry standard fuel management panel for managing pumps, retailers using Tower can branch into the fuel space without having to change their software.

Bringing fuel as an option within the Tower software has taken many months of planning as the company has undertaken considerable research into requirements and industry standards and closely followed the required standards.

From developing specifications to undertaking development to passing stringent quality assurance requirements, bring fuel integration to market has been an exhilarating opportunity for many areas of the company. The result is excellent software winning kudos from customers in this space.

The development of fuel integration is another example of Tower Systems investing in its software for its customers. The initial interest came from businesses keen to brand into fuel and to offer this from within their existing Tower software.  The result is Tower listening to and responding to its customers.

Tower Systems has approached fuel as it approaches all software extensions and enhancements – as a best practice solution.


Tower Systems to install jeweller POS software in Papua New Guinea

Plans are under way to undertake the installation of our Jeweller software in Papua New Guinea.

This latest installation further expands our international reach and demonstrates our commitment to offering world-class POS software backed by accessible world-class customer service.

Growth in the installation of our jeweller software has been excellent this year.


Sunday small retail business management advice: return on floor space is an excellent metric

Tracking return on floor space is easy for retailers using our Point of Sale software. This is an important business performance metric as it shows the performance of a measurable piece of retail real-estate through the success (or otherwise) of products occupying the space.

Thanks to smart retail management tools, retailers can setup in our software the ability to report on sales by floor space. Our help desk team can help with this and thereby help retailers tap into a valuable business performance metric. We can also help retailers understand the results they see.


Who says retail is tough? Small business gift shops are growing!

We are thrilled to be partnering with gift shops that are growing – against the retail trends so often claimed on in the news. We have plenty of gift shop customers, using our gift shop software, who are expanding their businesses including opening new shops. Owners tell us that our gift shop software is part of the reason for their growth and expansion.

Using our latest gift shop software, retailers can expect to reduce the time spent managing their business, to make better quality business decisions, to encourage customers back more often and to see employees helping drive business success.

The proof of the accuracy of our sales pitch is in the growth we are seeing among retailers using our software. Their success is our success and we’re thrilled to see it.

Part of our success in the gift shop software space comes from the enhancements we continue to make to the software. Many of these are from suggestions from customers. Anything we can do to help make our software more valuable to our customers is good business for us.

So, in the face of media reports that retail is tough, there are good stories out there – if only journalists would chase them down and share them with the world.


More retailers embracing new loyalty software beta release

More retailers are using the new loyalty facilities delivered first in a beta release of our software earlier this year.

Taking a completely fresh and business specific approach to driving shopper loyalty, the new tools help retailers to bring shoppers bck sooner and to drive a deeper shopping basket.

Developed in confidential consultation with a range retail businesses, our new loyalty facilities are proving to be a game changer in the retail businesses in which they are being beta tested.

It’s the flexibility in the software that is the subject of the beta test program. Retailers have a raft of settings they can tweak to drive / guide the type of positive customer response they want to achieve.  The settings will be different channel to channel and business to business. this is where the software excels – it delivers flexibility and power to the retailer to carve out the message they want to present to their shoppers.

While we continue to offer and enhance traditional loyalty facilities as well as group-wide loyalty facilities, these new facilities now in beta release are fresh and exciting and delivering early excellent results.

It’s all about helping retailers drive shopper efficiency.


Adult shop software helps cut theft and drive sales

The Tower Systems Australian developed adult shop software is suitable for adult shops around the world.

Going beyond traditional off the shelf POS software, our adult shop software seeks to deliver a smart business solution to these usually independently owned retail businesses. Cutting theft – employee and customer theft – is a one of many functions provided. Theft reduction is achieved through good controls, facilities that serve businesses well with smart tools and controls and the ability to go behind the curtain and see how people behave and from this to gain understanding.

From the back room to the sales counter, this software helps adult shops operate remotely, under management – with peace of mind for the owners of the business. Existing users of the software also help guide future developments as the software is regularly enhanced to serve an evolving need.


Hackers attacking small business retailers

Tower Systems was recently called on by police to provide expert assistance in investigating a hacker attack on a retail business. Our expertise was useful in helping police understand evidence they had collected.

Tower Systems has best practice security advice for retailers using our Point of Sale software, advice that, if followed, better protects the business against hacker attack and reduces the opportunity of compromising important business and customer data.

Our recent work with the police enabled us to check-in with current best practice and to better understand the type of attacks that are most common against businesses in our customer portfolio. This information helps us better serve our customers.

Tower Systems offers a service whereby we will assess the risk of a business and provide advice on appropriate steps to be taken to protect the business and its data in their specific situation.

We know from recent media coverage that hacker attacks have escalated in 2013. Now, more than ever, data and IT system security is important for businesses of all sizes.


Easter bumper edition advice for newspaper home delivery software users

Newsagents using our newspaper distribution software have been advised of fresh published advice covering all known Easter newspaper bumper edition scenarios for 2013. This advice helps newsagents handle bumper editions when it best suits them.


New stock files for POS software users

We have tested and loaded the following stock files for retailers using our Point of Sale software:

  • Artwrap February 2013
  • BrownTrout 2014
  • Hallmark March 2013
  • KatKards March 2013
  • OfficeSmart Q2 2013
  • Uniball Pens March 2013

The date denotes the date given by the supplier for the data in the file.



Easter eggs melt in the time it takes some POS software to sell them

Tower Systems Managing Director Mark Fletcher loves Easter Egg chocolate. He says it’s different to regular bar chocolate. In a retail store recently he bought some loose eggs – to taste test them of course – and was shocked at how long it took to complete the sale using POS software from another software company.

Three small eggs took around ten keystrokes – it could have been more as Mark was just wanting to eat the eggs.

Using the Tower Point of Sale software the same transaction could have been completed (through to cash drawer opening and receipt printed) in three keystrokes.

Sales efficiency at the counter is vital in any business. Every keystroke eliminated is a potential mistake eliminated. removing keystrokes relies of smart POS software backed by god training and excellent customer service from the software company. This is where Tower Systems excels – we happily work with retailers to eliminate keystrokes at the counter to drive efficiency and through this improve customer service.

The eggs were delicious apparently.



Tower Systems launches website for New Zealand customers

To further enhance service to retailers using our POS software in New Zealand, Tower Systems has launched a POS software New Zealand website offering services, insights and supports for our NZ customers.

This new website is part of a services of expansions in web presence for the company delivered over the last year.

Rather than announcing what we plan, we prefer to announce after we have delivered.



POS software company leadership team accessibility builds a stronger customer connect

Tower Systems is unique in the POS software space in that it openly polishes the contact details for its leadership team.  Rather than making customers jump through hoops to find out who to speak to about a confidential matter or for high level business assistance, the company encourages direct contact by publishing phone and email details.

Customer newsletters, emails and the company website all include the details including those of the company CEO. This accessibility is unprecedented in the small business software space where senior management tend to hide and company contact is usually only through a general email or phone contact point.

Retail is a personal business and if you don’t want to be customer facing you should not be in retail.


Tower Systems launches business assistance / round table discussions for and with gift shop owners

Tower Systems has launched a series of round table confidential business performance discussion opportunities for retailers using its gift shop software.  bringing together gift sop owners from various situations, these confidential sessions will encourage business discussion, sharing of insights and exploring of business growth opportunities.

The Tower role is to share business data and help the business owners make sense of this data in the context of their own situation. We will also provide the facilities including catering.

These free interactive face-to-face sessions are designed to help engaged gift shop owners to look at their businesses differently, in pursuit of greater success for the businesses. They are another way Tower Systems is adding value of the gift shop marketplace – helping gift shop owners and their suppliers to build stronger and more valuable  businesses.

We are grateful to be in a position that enables us to fund this service for the channel.


Sunday small retail business management advice

Since Sundays are a day many small retail business owners work on their businesses, we are launching a Sunday only series of small business management tips. They will be simple, free to implement and available to anyone – here.

Use your receipts as a marketing tool. Look at the receipt you give your customers. Is it a marketing document? Does it encourage shoppers to return? Does it present a value proposition beyond documenting the sale? This is easy to do using your Tower Point of Sale software. It should be easy with any POS software.  Using our software you can control what is printed and when its printed. You can turn your receipt into a FREE marketing platform for your retail shop. Try it!

Treat every document you have to your customers as an opportunity to invite them bak into the business. It’s what we do in our own retail businesses.


Barcode label flexibility loved by POS software users

Retailers using our Point of Sale software love the options they have for printing barcode labels. From efficient labels on a sheet to one up labels on a strip, we offer variety in stock, design and label detail. Also that we offer labels on coloured stock, multi-part labels, weather-proof labels and a variety of other options demonstrates a commitment to flexibility.

The photo shows one version of our labels for jewellers produced using our jeweller software. the label options for jewellers cover a broad range of needs from the high end to the everyday. That we cover the spectrum demonstrates a customer-focus and flexibility in our software that positions us well in the marketplace.

Barcode labels are important in just about any retail situation not only for the accurate barcode but also for the other details on the label – and the professionalism with which this is presented. Indeed, the humble barcode is more important to many retail situations than first thought. It can separate one business from another. Get it right and you make a proud statement about your business. Be lazy with your barcode labels and you show your business as being disinterested.

We are thrilled to offer such a point of difference in our barcode label options.


Do franchise groups requiring franchisees use only one POS system force a higher price?

Take away competition and you take away pressure to be competitive on price. This is true in business situations almost everywhere. It’s why we caution retailers about certain franchise groups that require in their franchise agreement that franchisees use one particular brand of POS software.

If there is no freedom of choice what incentive is there for the POS software company to offer their most competitive price? Is there a commission of some sort being paid to the franchise group? Is the retailer getting the very best software for their business?

These are important questions that cannot be explored because of the elimination of competition.

Imagine the disappointment if a franchisee were to learn that they paid $20,000 more for their POS system than a similar business nearby that is not part of the same franchise group.

Tower Systems does not have an exclusive relationship of any kind with any franchise group in any retail channel.


Pump N Pedals bike shop in Cairns offers best practice products and service

In a recent customer service field trip to Cairns, one of our team got to visit with Pump N Pedals – a bike shop using our bike shop software in Cairns. They loved the opportunity to see a best-pratice bike shop in action and making good use of our bike shop software.

The shop is a stand out among bike shops in Cairns. The photo shops “S-Wall”, showing off Specialized bikes.

Pump N Pedals is a Specialized concept store. The S-wall features the top of the line bikes. These bikes two retail at $10k each.

See the Pump N Pedals Facebook page: to find out more about their business.

We appreciated seeing such a great bike shop.


More jewellers switch to Tower Systems for jeweller software

2013 had kicked off to an excellent start for the Tower Systems jeweller software.  Existing users are loving the latest software update and sales prospects are turning into customers in appreciation of the continued enhancement of the software and the commitment of the Tower team to excellent customer services.

With more than thirteen years serving the jeweller space, Tower Systems is well established in large and small jewellery businesses, in city and country situations at the high end and at the everyday marketplace end.

Our work with jeweller suppliers, facilitating the loading of electronic invoices and stock files also helps jewellers to drive efficiency.

The growth in jeweller sites this year will expand our marketplace experience and this will undoubtedly help drive further software enhancement.

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