We loved our experience at the Sydney Gift fair this past week.

Our stand at the Home and Giving fair was a tremendous success, delivering access to many new prospects and giving us an opportunity to speak face to face with existing customers.

Wow! We got more out of this trade show than we expected.

We also had one of our management team meeting with gift and homewares suppliers, helping them to connect with retailers of their products. This was bonus contact that suppliers loved. We have made many new connections through which we will help the gift and homewares supply chain improve productivity.

We also had a member of our creative team looking at the show from a more creative perspective, understanding how we could engage on an even deeper level.

Yes, this past week in Sydney has been an excellent experience and opportunity for us, one we have embraced with open arms for ourselves and for our customers.

Our early engagement with the gift and homewares channel many years ago is paying off.