Tower Systems has been helping retailers to understand shopper behaviour in their businesses with basket depth and shopper efficiency analysis being undertaken by us and shared with participating customers.

While this is an on-going service, we promote it from time to time to remind our customers of the opportunity for them.

Through one on one consultation, some of our retail business experts have been helping retailers using our POS software to better understand their businesses.

This help is beyond the traditional help desk service. It’s one on one and specific to each business. We show the business owners how their data reports accurately what is happening in their businesses. This data can then be used to guide shop floor business decisions that deliver better results for the stores. Indeed, we have seen retailers make significant moves to their commercial advantage following our consultation with them.

In providing this service, we draw on our years of experience as retailers, sharing insights from our shop floor experiences and interlacing these with our initmate knowledge of our POS software and the data it harvests and curates.

The outcome for our customers is a service that challenges their views of their businesses and delivers commercially valuable outcomes.

Everyone wants a more successful business and we’re thrilled to be able to help.