Point of Sale software company Tower Systems is encouraging an increase in help desk call traffic from retailers using its POS software. That’s right, the company wants its customers to call in more often in a move that is contrary to how most help desk services operate. This is contrary to what POS software companies usually want.

The Tower help desk offers services and assistance way beyond the traditional help desk service. It’s services include business advice, free training opportunities, theft research and other business topics outside of the software itself.

By offering a broad range of services and encouraging customers to call, the company is thrilled when call traffic rises and data shows a warm customer embrace of the support services on offer.

In helping its retail business customers get more from its software and contact with its friendly help desk, Tower Systems positions itself to  be of more value. This is something a software company is not likely to achieve if it does not want more contact with customers.

Call traffic for a core group of customers is up with all growth coming from customers using the services beyond traditional Point of Sale software help desk services.