Tower Systems was recently called on by police to provide expert assistance in investigating a hacker attack on a retail business. Our expertise was useful in helping police understand evidence they had collected.

Tower Systems has best practice security advice for retailers using our Point of Sale software, advice that, if followed, better protects the business against hacker attack and reduces the opportunity of compromising important business and customer data.

Our recent work with the police enabled us to check-in with current best practice and to better understand the type of attacks that are most common against businesses in our customer portfolio. This information helps us better serve our customers.

Tower Systems offers a service whereby we will assess the risk of a business and provide advice on appropriate steps to be taken to protect the business and its data in their specific situation.

We know from recent media coverage that hacker attacks have escalated in 2013. Now, more than ever, data and IT system security is important for businesses of all sizes.