More retailers are using the new loyalty facilities delivered first in a beta release of our software earlier this year.

Taking a completely fresh and business specific approach to driving shopper loyalty, the new tools help retailers to bring shoppers bck sooner and to drive a deeper shopping basket.

Developed in confidential consultation with a range retail businesses, our new loyalty facilities are proving to be a game changer in the retail businesses in which they are being beta tested.

It’s the flexibility in the software that is the subject of the beta test program. Retailers have a raft of settings they can tweak to drive / guide the type of positive customer response they want to achieve.  The settings will be different channel to channel and business to business. this is where the software excels – it delivers flexibility and power to the retailer to carve out the message they want to present to their shoppers.

While we continue to offer and enhance traditional loyalty facilities as well as group-wide loyalty facilities, these new facilities now in beta release are fresh and exciting and delivering early excellent results.

It’s all about helping retailers drive shopper efficiency.