We are thrilled to be partnering with gift shops that are growing – against the retail trends so often claimed on in the news. We have plenty of gift shop customers, using our gift shop software, who are expanding their businesses including opening new shops. Owners tell us that our gift shop software is part of the reason for their growth and expansion.

Using our latest gift shop software, retailers can expect to reduce the time spent managing their business, to make better quality business decisions, to encourage customers back more often and to see employees helping drive business success.

The proof of the accuracy of our sales pitch is in the growth we are seeing among retailers using our software. Their success is our success and we’re thrilled to see it.

Part of our success in the gift shop software space comes from the enhancements we continue to make to the software. Many of these are from suggestions from customers. Anything we can do to help make our software more valuable to our customers is good business for us.

So, in the face of media reports that retail is tough, there are good stories out there – if only journalists would chase them down and share them with the world.