We were thrilled to receive an email a few days ago from a newsagent who switched to our newsagency software last year…

I would also like to let you know – that I have had this system for 12 months this month – whilst I am learning new stuff everyday what I have discovered has been terrific and really useful. I am really happy that I purchased this off you my only regret is that I did not do it originally as my data and sales figures would have helped me incredibly from the commencement of purchasing this business. We all learn from our mistakes and unfortunately my mistake has proven costly to me and my business.

I would also like to thank you, your sales staff and help desk people – without all their assistance and patience I would have been committed along time ago. I cannot thank Paul enough for all their assistance with the installation and upgrade of the Tower system (even though Paul may think that I have escaped from the asylum, at times).

We appreciate all customer feedback as it better informs our own business decisions and guides our planning.