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The data is in, new loyalty facility for retailers drives sales

The completely new loyalty facility Tower Systems started trailing in a new release of its Point of Sale software well over a month ago is proving to be successful at driving shopper engagement.

Breaking free from the traditional and often stale approach to shopper loyalty of using a rewards card and letting shoppers accrue points – which the Tower POS software also offers – this new facility is unique in that it comes with sophisticated yet easy to use levels with which the retailer can guide and encourage shopper behaviour.

Sites using the beta release of the new loyalty facility have been able to see the impact it us having thanks to excellent reporting tools available. In the reports you can see customers responding to the loyalty reward and yu can track the cost of offering the reward down to cents. But best of all, retailers can see the rewards, in sales, of customers engaging with the rewards offered by the new loyalty facility.

The new loyalty facility sets Tower Systems apart in each of our marketplaces. It gives us a competitive advantage but more important, it gives our retail partners a competitive advantage.


  1. Mark, when do you anticipate the general release?

  2. Craig you should have received our weekly email yesterday. Let us know if you didn’t. We targeting two weeks from now. Dependent on beta feedback.

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