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Free online POS training loved by retail employees

We have started receiving feedback from retail employees who are tapping into the online training we launched last week through our Training Academy. Thanks for letting me learn at home one retail employee said.  This is great, I love the opportunity to develop my skills said another.

In developing the training our goal has been to create training that is accessible by content and by access point. Our content is highly targeted to each task and work area in a retail business. We have specialist training for each of our retail niches too: newsagents, jewellers, gift shops, bike retailers, garden centres etc.  Our content is accessible in that any computer with internet access can access the training.

Accessing the training is free for retailers and their employees.

The training program has been put together and is fronted by Mike Hill – our Customer Service Manager and an expert in the best use of our software in any retail situation.


  1. My husband and I owned a golf retail outlet for 12 years which we have since sold. The business was successful as we were hands on however we used an outdated and basic retail pro
    Software system.
    I would like to continue my education on current POS systems online with view to a future small business.
    All the online POS courses appear to be directly linked to the system sales only.
    Do you provide e learning for self education only. .
    I do not need a comprehensive retail course….just POS system practice for any retail .

  2. Absolutely Sue. if you contact us through our website we can help you.

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