With the largest Australia newspaper distribution business run by a newsagent using the Tower newsagency software and with this business and others evolving meet market opportunities, we are the go to software company in the marketplace for helping newsagents to navigate change.

Our size in the marketplace and that we are helping many newsagents with newspaper distribution consolidation helps us help newsagents more than is usual for a software company. This is an area where our assistance goes beyond the software itself and provide a broader service and assistance to newsagents keen to successfully navigate change in this post T2020 (the News Ltd consolidation project) environment.

So, what does all this mean … newspaper distribution consolidation involved corporate structure changes, data merging, operational changes and a through overhaul of business processes. We help in several of these areas, sharing with newsagents what ewe know so that they themselves can more easily navigate these changes. It’s part of the Tower Systems service, a service available for all newsagents.