Tower Systems will launch its next major Point of Sale software update late next week. With an extensive beta release close to an end further comprehensive quality assurances reviews in-house, this latest POS software update is ready for mass release.

Packaged with extensive advice, documentation and assistance, retailers using the Tower Systems Point of sale software will be able to install it knowing the update has already been extensively field tested. Tower users will be able to install the update when they choose. This is an important difference over other software companies that impose their software updates often without warning.

Retailer 2.5, as this major update is known, delivers access to excellent new facilities and many enhancements to existing facilities. The release of the update will come with considerable documentation listing all changes and new facilities. We’re not detailing them here as we don;t want to provide competitors with a shopping list for spoiling.

We’re thrilled to be so close to releasing another good quality software update in a way our retail customers like and respecting their desire to control when they install this in their business.