As the first week of the Tower Systems sponsored Newsagency of the Future workshop series draws to a close, we are pleased to have been able to ahre insights with more than 200 newsagents already.

Developed for all newsagents and not just the newsagents using our newsagency software, this workshop is a must-attend event as it opens discussions around what newsagencies will look like in the future and what can be done today to ensure a stronger future.

The next round of sessions include:

  • May 20 @ 11am Canberra
  • May 21 @ 11am Newcastle
  • May 22 @ 11am Albury
  • May 23 @ 10am Geelong
  • May 24 @ 11am Hobart
  • May 28 @ 10am Gold Coast
  • May 29 @ 11am Cairns
  • May 30 @ 10am Darwin

Click here to book online or email This session is open to all newsagents and suppliers.