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Discount vouchers change the game for Point of Sale software users

POS software company Tower Systems launched a powerful new sales driving tool in the latest release of its Point of Sale software last week.

Discount Vouchers are proving to be an excellent driver of shopper engagement in the retail businesses. Live testing commenced in secret in February this year.

Vouchers are automatically printed based on items purchased and based on rules set by the owner of the business in which they are running.

The new Discount Voucher facilities provide retailers with powerful levers with which to drive greater shopper engagement, to get people buying items they had otherwise not intended to buy.

Discount Vouchers are changing shopper behaviour – from small impulse purchases to considered purchases.  we know this from the comprehensive data we have gathered from the live use of the facilities since February.

What Tower Systems has delivered in Discount Vouchers is genuinely unique, fresh and exclusive to the business. Others may copy or say they have what is available in Tower today but they cannot because of the proprietary nature of what has been carefully crafted and now delivered.

Beyond the vouchers themselves and how they change shopper behaviour is the powerful business reporting that empowers retailers to control the vouchers for the financial benefit of the business.


Sunday small business management advice: tracking sales through the day

A feature for decades in our software is the daily sales snapshot (CTRL/D).  This quickly shows sales so far in the day, by department. This can be useful in checking how a sale is progressing or checking a cash balance for one part of the business where you may track cash separately.

retailers are best advised to check in with their businesses in this way – either in-store or remotely – as a means of keeping the finger on the pulse and managing cash. The result is a message to team members that you’re watching the business and a reminder to yourself that data is king in retail management.

CTRL/D from any screen connected to the system provides a quick and valuable insight into sales so far in the day. Try it.  It’s another Tower Advantage.


Software offer for gift shops for easy stocktake

Tower Systems has announced a special POS software offer for gift shops, promoting its gift shop software with an offer of a free PDE – for fast, easy and portable stock takes – for anyone purchasing a package system by June 30 this year.

The latest gift shop software offer, promoted using a professional postcard, has been sent to all gift shops in Australia. The postcard itself reflects the professionalism of the company and our software.

We are targeting the end of financial year stocktake time given that it’s tough work for many small business retailers like gift shops.

Our solution saves time and money – every year.  Plus it provides a more consistent and valuable data framework on which the gift shop businesses can rely for making good business decisions.

Gift shops using our gift shop software tap into benefits beyond easy stock takes – they save time and money in many other areas plus they benefit from greater control over the business and better quality business decisions which flow.


Newsagents embracing Newsagency of the Future workshops

As the first week of the Tower Systems sponsored Newsagency of the Future workshop series draws to a close, we are pleased to have been able to ahre insights with more than 200 newsagents already.

Developed for all newsagents and not just the newsagents using our newsagency software, this workshop is a must-attend event as it opens discussions around what newsagencies will look like in the future and what can be done today to ensure a stronger future.

The next round of sessions include:

  • May 20 @ 11am Canberra
  • May 21 @ 11am Newcastle
  • May 22 @ 11am Albury
  • May 23 @ 10am Geelong
  • May 24 @ 11am Hobart
  • May 28 @ 10am Gold Coast
  • May 29 @ 11am Cairns
  • May 30 @ 10am Darwin

Click here to book online or email This session is open to all newsagents and suppliers.


POS software update out and being embraced by retailers

Tower Systems yesterday released a major software with new features and enhancements to a range of existing features. The release was made to our community of retailers without fanfare or undue noise. The result has been many customers installing the software update and letting us know how thrilled with the update.

We will share more here over time about some of the terrific enhancements delivered with this POS software update.


What’s special about this gun shop software?

Gun shops have needs beyond traditional retailers, needs that are often not covered in off the shelf software. This is where the gun shop software from Tower Systems helps, we address needs unique to the channel including these important areas:

  1. Customer age checking and management.
  2. Serial number tracking.
  3. Repairs.
  4. Storage for safekeeping.
  5. Services – such a range access.

In developing these and other facilities, Tower Systems has consulted with professional gun shop owners to ensure that our software is indeed a useful and appreciated solution.

For the best advice on choosing software for your gun shop, read How to choose the best gun show software.

With more gun shops added to our users community in the last few months, we are building better experience and expertise which we can use to help more businesses drive efficiency and business success.


Garden centre software benefits from new facilities driving shopper loyalty

Garden centres and nursery businesses using our very latest Garden Centre software are enjoying our new shopper loyalty facilities.

Developed with a couple of proactive garden centres, these new facilities work a treat at bringing shoppers back into the business.  The facilities take a unique approach to encouraging shopper loyalty, an approach that is proving to be successful.

The development of these new facilities is another example of Tower Systems adding value to its software long after a system is purchased an installed. It is also an example of the company offering choice in addressing a need.  Too often, retailers and given one way to address a need – loyalty for example. The Tower approach is to serve multiple approaches.

The latest garden centre software update from Tower Systems also have other facilities developed for this retail channel, beyond loyalty.


POS software helps retailers manage and sell jewellery

Retailers selling jewellery are benefiting from excellent jewellery stock facilities embedded in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

Thanks to engagement with a broad range of retailers as well as suppliers, the Tower software has been empowered with excellent stock control, sales, repairs and business management tools.  These are used in a range of retail channels selling jewellery … from high end jewellers selling pieces priced at $20K and more to retailers selling everyday jewellery items such as those in the photo.

It’s our engagement at the supplier end that helps us help the retail channels better manage stock. recently, we attended a supplier trade show, where the photo was taken, and discussed accurate product tagging and the supply of electronic data to retailers to help stock management from the get go.

Tower Systems works with suppliers to help improve the experience for retailers. The result is more accurate data and time saved.


Point of Sale software support fees in the spotlight

We have just switched another retailer to our Point of Sale software thanks to the $3,000+ annual software support fee charged by the company they had been using for some time.  The excessive charge got the retailer look8ing and thankfully that got them to us.

Our commitment on software support costs is to keep them low and fair. We understand the challenges of small business retailers and that software must deliver excellent value each year.

In the past year we have expanded support services and launched an extensive online video training program for retailers and continued with our weekly live training workshops … all for no extra cost. The expansion of services has been achieved through an expanding customer based and without the need to increase software support fees.

We welcome every new customer as it strengthens our ability to invest in better software and better service.


Sunday small retail business management advice: good data is gold

There has been a saying, a truism, in small business retail for decades – cash is king. While this is as true today as when it was first uttered, data is king is more important for good data, accurate data, can generate excellent cash for any small retail business.

When we switch retailers from other POS software, too often we find data that has not been respected. The result is poor business decisions and a business suffering. Too many software companies do not respect data and do not encourage and guide their retail customers to respect and manage data for success.

We urge retailers to treat data with respect. Do this and expect to profit.

Track all stock entering the business. Track all sales by scanning them. Track all returns by scanning them. Do regular stock takes. Order new stock using your software.  Where possible – process invoices and orders electronically.

Every keystroke removed is another mistake saved.


Retailers respond to new POS software training resources

We have received wonderful feedback from retailers who are engaging with the extensive and exclusive and comprehensive online training platform we launched close to a month ago. Here’s one example:

What you have created is just fantastic. I just hired a new junior and thanks to your training they are more productive using the software than any other new employee in the fifteen years I’ve owned the business. Thank you Tower!

Our online Training Academy provides access to training by retail channel and work niche. It gives retailers and employees access to a comprehensive site suite of training videos – enabling the undertaking of professional training in a way that builds knowledge and drives valuable experience.

We are thrilled that our customers are loving the new training resources.


Point of Sale software update out next week

Tower Systems will launch its next major Point of Sale software update late next week. With an extensive beta release close to an end further comprehensive quality assurances reviews in-house, this latest POS software update is ready for mass release.

Packaged with extensive advice, documentation and assistance, retailers using the Tower Systems Point of sale software will be able to install it knowing the update has already been extensively field tested. Tower users will be able to install the update when they choose. This is an important difference over other software companies that impose their software updates often without warning.

Retailer 2.5, as this major update is known, delivers access to excellent new facilities and many enhancements to existing facilities. The release of the update will come with considerable documentation listing all changes and new facilities. We’re not detailing them here as we don;t want to provide competitors with a shopping list for spoiling.

We’re thrilled to be so close to releasing another good quality software update in a way our retail customers like and respecting their desire to control when they install this in their business.


Jeweller software helps with special customer orders

Jewellers using the Tower Systems jeweller software are enjoying the facilities for handling special customer orders. These facilities enable jewellers to track special orders for customers from the moment an order is placed right through to final delivery and payment.

Created specifically to serve the needs of jewellers who handle special orders, these facilities are channel-specific, delivering an excellent solution and serving a need at the higher end of the jeweller marketplace.

Jewellers are able to maintain accurate record and, at the same, time, give their customers accurate and professionally presented records of their special order placement. This is important given the preciousness and value often associated with special orders.

Getting special orders right in this specialist software for jewellers sets the Tower software apart from generic products like MYOB and some other everyday POS products being offered to jewellers. Smart jewellers who see their businesses as specialists get more value from specialist software developed for their retail channel. This is the focus of the Tower Systems jeweller software.


The best POS software company for user training opportunities

In addition to the excellent new video based, website accessible, training curriculum launched a few weeks ago, Tower Systems engages with its customers and others in its retail niches through an extensive range of free face to face and online training opportunities.

Second to none in each of its specialist marketplaces, the Tower suite of training is a valuable point of difference for Tower Systems and its partners.

As the image shows, plenty are engaging with the training opportunities, learning better abut how to use the software to their advantage.

By publishing its training schedule long in advance, retailers and retail employees can schedule their time to engage when it suits their feeds.


Garden centre / nursery software helps manage customer deliveries

The Tower Systems garden centre software is helping garden centres better manage customer deliveries thanks to strong delivery tools available from the sales counter or wherever customer orders are taken.

Being able to accurately record and track customer deliveries is vital in a busy garden centre and having this covered provides Tower Systems with an advantage.  The work done to serve deliveries through garden centres is benefiting other retailers using the Tower POS software.

Serving around seventy garden centres already, 2013 is proving to be a terrific year with some high-profile garden centres taking on the Tower software and enjoying the facilities they now have access to.

Tower Systems will be demonstrating its software at the Green Expo in Sydney soon.

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