Many of the 1,800 newsagents serves by Tower Systems with its newsagency software are embracing the opportunities in the latest software update. Providing small business newsagents with new facilities, this latest software update has been quickly installed on systems across the country.

With several new facilities and enhancements to many existing facilities, newsagents are enjoying the new software and using it to enhance their businesses.

Good software is key to business growth and Tower Systems is committed to delivering good software.

A hot feature of the latest newsagency software update is the Discount Vouchers facility. developed from scratch and in secret by Tower Systems over the last year, this facility is already positively impacting sales in newsagencies. The feedback already received is excellent. Tower Systems delivered the facility with a comprehensive suite of advice, documentation and training.

With 2013 close to half way through. Tower has already delivered two major updates. The next update will be out in a  few weeks and this will be followed by another in Q2.  Each update goes through thorough QA as well as extensive beta testing.  Tower newsagents get to choose if and when they install each update.

The considerable software enhancement activity in 2013 is evidence of Tower leading the newsagency channel by its actions, leading through optimistic enhancements in the software that help newsagents build stronger businesses and that help newsagents embrace change.

As the undisputed newsagent channel software leader, Tower Systems is actively investing in a bright future for newsagents and itself.