We encountered a situation recently where a retailer said they were leaning toward a competitor because they were bigger than us. This competitor claims to have 50 employees, more than us.

Anyone can make a claim in a sales situation. We encourage retailers to respond to any claim with prove it. In this case, we’d say to the sales prospect – ask this other software company to prove they have 50 employees. We know they can’t. ¬†They have fewer employees – not that employee team size matters.

The truth is what matters in any sales situation, especially in a Point of sale software sales situation since it’s a relationship for the long term. Make a good decision and your business will prosperfor years. make a bad decision and you could experience significant costs for years bundled with plenty of regret.

The best decisions are those based on the truth. Chase the truth more than a feel good experience as any good sales person can make you feel good for as long as it takes to get your order.