Gift shops using the gift shop software from Tower Systems have access to help in turning their business around. Thanks to a deep well of expertise and experience in retail and the ability to mine valuable business data, Tower Systems is able to deliver services beyond those one expects from a software company.

The range of services for a gift shop doing it tough or in trouble can vary from business advice to practical assistance. We assess each case on its merits and engage in business assistance accordingly.

We have developed a business cash flow as part of overall business planning,  identified dead stock and advised on how to quit this, reviewed rosters and even provided in-store staff to help reset the business.  Each case is different.

Every piece of assistance is decided on by the business owner.  We involve them in understanding their situation better and participating in working out next steps to improve the performance of their business.

The practical and professional help we provide gift shops and other struggling small business retailers is free and part of the Tower AdvantageTM service.

Yes retail is tough. Our mantra is that each business owner needs to own their situation and to actively pursue resolving this to their benefit, the benefit of employees and the benefit of all other stakeholders in the business.