A good bike shop retains a customer for life, well beyond the first bike purchase. There are services, accessories, clothes and, the next bike and the one after that.

The Tower Systems bike shop software track customer information and nurture lifetime commercial opportunities.

The Tower bike shop software tracks purchases by shoppers, identify opportunities for growth and make marketing to customers easy.  It will allow the business to be responsive to customer behaviour, taking into account how the overall customer pool responds. This is where valuable commercial opportunities are found.

Once a business understands the total value of a bike shop customer it changes their view of each customer forever.  That new contact on the phone or walking through the door could be worth more than $10,000 to the business even though they may only ask about a relatively low cost item today.

Tracking products, customers, suppliers and prospects using software designed for the bike business helps businesses make the most of their opportunities. Not using bike shop software to manage a bike shop would be like not using a shovel to dig a hole and instead using a dessert spoon.

Key to nurturing these valuable customer relationships is software designed specifically for the needs of a bike shop. This is where specialist software companies like Tower Systems play a valuable role.

If you are looking for software for your bike shop, shop around. Take your time. Focus on a company with plenty of existing bike shops using their software. Talk to them and see what they think.

Anyone can make shiny sexy software. Only a few have bike shop software that is genuinely loved by bike shop owners and employees.