More and more retailers are sharing feedback on the Discount Vouchers facilities we released several months ago. the most common response is one of surprise at shopper engagement with the vouchers compared to engagement with the more traditional, but old, VIP card points-based system.

We are getting calls and emails from customers telling us of their surprise that shoppers use the voucher, and the cash discount, right away. Our response is this is what we expected.  Our data shows that around 30% of vouchers used are used the day they are issued, often to purchase items the shopper did not come into the business to purchase. This is bonus margin dollars the business can bank as a result of the Discount Vouchers.

Key to the success, beyond the excellent software facilities, is the support, assistance and advice we have provided and continue to provide on how to make the most of the opportunity. From our senior management through to the help desk, we are engaged with our customers and keen to provide practical business implementation advice.

For most retailers implementing the Discount Vouchers facilities, they are a game changer for them, a point of difference compared to other retailers. This is where our implementation advice can make a huge difference. It’s also where we get pleasure in helping our customers turn a brilliant facility into a money making opportunity … delivering a profound competitive advantage.

Our sunday advice for retailers today is to embrace Discount Vouchers and make the most of the point of difference delivered in our Point of Sale software. We’re here to help – beyond the software.