Our job at Tower Systems is to develop good business tools, in the form of good Point of Sale software, for use in the small and independent retail businesses in which we serve.

We are not and cannot be responsible for how our software is used, good or bad.

Our customers, the users of our software, are responsible for how our software is used. Like any tool, our software can be abused. It feeds off data. If garbage is entered then garbage is what it will report.

Embedded in the software are power, flexibility and options as requested by our customers. If functions and checkpoints are turned off and warnings ignored then the results may not be what the business wants.

We have not coded our POS software for a police state, controlling how our customers use it for to do so would go against the very ethos of the independent retail businesses we serve.

A business wanting a good business outcome from using our POS software needs to engage with us, take in our training, follow our advice, a watch over those who use the software to ensure that they behave.

But most of all, they need to protect their data and settings. They can best do this through being tight with the system passwords. Being lax can lead to problems for the business, problems for which the holder(s) of the passwords are responsible.

We commiserate with retailers who experience loss or paid as a result of poor use of our software and then we remind them that how our tools are used is a function of good retail management.

Owning your situation is key in business. We own the functionalist and quality of our software. We own the support services that back it up just as we own the training resources and opportunities we provide.  We do not own how well or poorly it is used.