Here at Tower Systems we are experts when it comes to uncovering theft in retail businesses, especially theft by retail employees.

We have uncovered well over a million dollars of theft in recent years. We have been used as expert witnesses in court cases. We have helped police officers gather evidence to allow them to lay charges.

We offer training for our customers to guide them on protecting their businesses against theft. We also offer training on how to identify theft indicators.

It frustrates us when we discover theft that has gone on in a business, costing tens and, often, hundreds of thousands. Too often theft of this size can be avoided – if retailers using our POS software follow our advice, engage in our training and take the precautions we recommend.

We make it easy for our customers by providing them with plenty of free training opportunities as well as plenty of advice. This training and advice is easily accessed. It is also secure – in that we provide the assistance to business owners and people they endorse. We will not share security information with non-owners without checks and balances.

So, why do some retailers not engage with the opportunities we present around reducing the impact of theft in their businesses? Our years of experience in this suggest that it comes down to ignorance. Retailers find it easier to ignore what is happening with theft because some are afraid of what they will discover and some have ignorant and blind faith in their staff – not realising that theft is real and common in small business retail situations.

We are using blog posts like this one to shock ignorant retailers into considering taking a stronger position on employee theft in their businesses.