Get a group and small and independent retail business owners together and the discussion soon turns to competition from the big end of town.

As a software company specialising in supporting small and independent retailers in several key retail niches – jewellers, bike shops, gift shops, newsagents, adult shops, garden centres and adult shops – we talk with small business owners about these matters regularly.

Our approach is that we refuse to cower to or be worried by big competitors – of our software company and of the retail businesses we own and operate ourselves.

We understand the differences between small businesses and their big competitors. Yes, size can be daunting and challenging. It can also offer excellent opportunities.

Small retail businesses can be more flexible, faster and more locally engaged that their big business competitors. They can make decisions more immediately based on local data.  Indeed, this is where small and independent retailers can shine – in speed on matters and opportunities with local connections.

The key in competitor is to not be afraid of your competitor. This is the hard part for many retailers we encounter. Too often they are too scared to think and act as they need to.

In our work here at Tower Systems we help small and independent retailers as a sounding board, through providing insights to opportunities in their business data and in other forms of practical support.

We believe in small business and the vital role it plays in the economy and in local communities. We encourage small business retailers to resist concerns and fears of big competitors and to focus on what they can do to more effectively compete.  We’re here to help with that.