Tower Systems is offering a host of live training opportunities for retailers using its Point of Sale software in July. These live online workshops are available to businesses using the Tower software anywhere in the world.

While several sessions have already been delivered, the company has the following sessions available between now and the end of the month:

  • Doing a Stocktake 9 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • How to Cut Theft in your Business 11 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • Best Practice for Magazine Management 16 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • Using SMS and Email Alerts in Retailer 18 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • Smart Marketing 23 Jul 2013, 02:00PM
  • Using Early Returns Effectively 25 Jul 2013, 02:00PM

These sessions are in addition to free one on one training opportunities as well as our vast and exclusive video based training curriculum.

The total training package from Tower Systems is flexible, accessible at a variety of times and locations to suit retailers and their employees.