It’s easy for a software company to claim that they offer smart POS software but much harder to deliver on the promise embedded in the word smart. At Tower Systems we act on our claims, we ensure that we deliver on our promise to continually improve our software to keep it smart and to backup our software with support and services so that our users can be smart.

In recent blog posts here we have been running a series of videos taking people behind the scenes at Tower, letting you meet just some of the real people providing help to our customers. Rather than claim we are of a certain size we’d rather put names and faces to what we do – offering a truth to our pitch.

Here are some other ways we help our users become smarter at using out smart POS software:

  1. Comprehensive video training library. More than 130 videos available to retailers and their staff 24/7. Up to date content.
  2. Free training workshops every week.
  3. More than 200 advice sheets with up to date user documentation. better than a manual.
  4. Free one on one training.
  5. Free business performance analysis service.
  6. Free business theft check service.
  7. Free backup check service.

Our EXCLUSIVE video training library, advice sheets and weekly training workshops offer genuine points of difference. They are a reason for our market position and continued growth.