Today’s gun shop has to be lean, efficient, good at detail and good at retail.  Achieving this takes time and an attention to business data.

Using gun shop software, gun shop owners can save time and take care of the detail in a consistent way.

From the sales through to back office admin, gun shop software can help gun retailers and their employees to run an efficient business.

Business efficiency benefits not only the business, it also benefits a purchaser should the business be sold. Indeed, it makes the business more appealing in the event of a sale.

Gun shop software used properly can bring structure to the business and ensure that processes and requirements are adhered to by everyone in the business using the software.

Age check

From even the simplest task like checking the age of a shopper, gun shop software can ensure that it’s done and have the employee record this prior to moving to the next step of a sale. This is especially useful in the business has casual employees.

Serial number tracking

Tracking items with unique serial numbers is important in a range of retail businesses. The Tower Systems gun shop software first did this for jewellers many years ago so it was easy to bring this online for gun shops in the gun shop software.

Easy ordering of stock

Knowing exactly what you have in stock all the time makes tracking stock easy. It also sets you up to be able to reorder at the push of a button and to check stock on hand easily.

Thanks to flexibility in reordering, good gun shop software brings to your business facilities to control your investment in stock and through this to drive a better financial return for your business.

Bringing good business controls to stock can save a gun shop thousands of dollars every year through fewer ordering errors.

Managing repairs and servicing

Tracking repairs and servicing jobs from the moment the item is dropped off through to collection is easier thanks to the good repairs facilities in gun shop software.

Being able to properly price the work based on parts and time used helps from a financial perspective.

A real treat is the ability to send your customer a text message when the item is ready to be collected.

Reconnecting with customers

Like any retail business, gun shops rely on customers returning for additional purchases over time. Sound marketing tools in the gun shop software make it easy for you to email or mail customers based on what they purchased and when. This can bring them back into the shop sooner.

Cutting theft

Theft hurts any retail business. Gun shop software can cut theft – shopper theft and employee theft. The key is to use all the theft management tools in the software to their fullest.

By imposing business rules on the operation of the business and using the software to enforce the rules I have seen various types of retail businesses cut theft and thereby save thousands of dollars in a year.

Gun shop software designed for gun shops

Through my software company we have developed software for gun shop management. This software continues to evolve thanks to advice and guidance form gun shop owners and their employees.

Just as you’d advise anyone looking to purchase a gun to go to an expert so to should you when it comes to gun shop software. An off the shelf computer system will not offer the same level of specialist services you need from your gun shop software.

This is where specialisation counts.

Own your success

Gun shops of any size can achieve growth in any economic situation.

People don’t stop spending on their interests in tough times – they just change what they give.

By taking a fresh look at business data gun shop owners can change focus, attract new shoppers and get existing shoppers spending more.