Tower Systems is proud to show off the best newsagency software in Australia today at the GNS Market Fair in Melbourne.

Yes, it’s a bold claim that our software is the best but we proudly claim this title because it’s what newsagents have decided.  The Tower newsagency software has been purchased by more newsagents than all other newsagency software packages combined.

With more than 1,800 newsagents as customers, Tower has an unassailable national critical mass in the newsagency channel. The newsagent community using Tower Systems is growing too with plenty of newsagents installing our software in 2013. Indeed, the changes we are seeing in software ownership this year reflect the consolidation going elsewhere in the newsagency channel.

We also say that our newsagency software is the best because of the innovation in the software. As the only software company with our own newsagency businesses where we can experiment and play it’s only natural that we’d deliver software more advanced. Having a newsagency where we can develop, experiment and tweak continues to produce leading software updates.

At the GNS Market Fair in Melbourne today we will be showing off even more innovation in fresh software. Visitors to our stand will also be able to see our training video library, a training resource second to none in the newsagency channel – giving newsagents and their employees many opportunities to learn our newsagency software at their own pace.