Thanks to customer tracking tools in our bike shop software, bike retailers are able to deliver greater value from a long-term relationship. This is an important point of difference for bike retailers who are combating online stores chasing sales of bikes.

By providing professional service and follow up, bike retailers are able to show off the difference of a high street shopping experience compared to an online shopping experience. They can show off the value of dealing live in-store with a human compared to clicking through a website.

With value-based touch points our bike shop software helps retailers to connect, follow up and show off genuine value that is important to a long term relationship with the bike shopper.

Bike shop retailers need to fight hard to combat the price-conscious shopper. They need to do this with knowledge, professionalism and follow-up. Our specialist bike shop software can help in each of these areas. We have designed our software to help bike retailers compete and to do it with focus and attention.

By making the purchase decision less abut price today and more about value, the high street bike retailer can position themselves to better compete with the cheap online websites.