While it’s outside our remit in providing help in relation to our Point of Sale software, we have been providing assistance to small business retailers in our user community in the setup and management of business Facebook pages.

Having done this years ago for some of our businesses we have considerable experience on which to draw and we happily share that with our customers. We have published advice to our customers to outline areas where they need to pay special attention. We have also outlined basics about what the page can be used for beyond the obvious.

While not a formal help desk service we offer, the advice we have provided and continue to provide is designed to give our customers an easy start on setting up a business Facebook page and to place them on the road to getting their Facebook page up and running.

We first got involved in this in response to a query from a customer. Our handling of the query is an example of our approach to questions outside our area of focus or responsibility – if we can help we will.