Too many small business owners run a loyalty program that mimics the offering of big retailers. They use points as currency and get shoppers signing up and jumping through some hoops to accrue points that are worth what?

Small business retailers need to differentiate themselves from big business.  We, yes we are retailers here at Tower Systems too with four shops of our own where we use our Point of Sale software ourselves, need to offer a loyalty program that best serves our needs and not something done out of fear of a big competitor.

Small business retailers need to think of their customers when choosing a loyalty offering. They need to take their time to ensure that the program they choose and the rules they follow are appropriate to their needs.

Using the Tower software retailers can choose from a variety of approaches to encouraging and rewarding loyalty. In fact, our software has at least five different approaches to driving loyalty thanks to the flexibility embedded in the loyalty offerings we pitch. Within these we offer considerable points of difference – this is why we welcome head of head comparison.

From our unique and thoughtful discount vouchers facility through to our VIP card to our bundled package offerings our Point of Sale software provides retailers with choice. We will happily work with any retailer using our software to guide the implementation of these and other loyalty offerings.

In our own retail businesses we are using the discount vouchers to effectively compete with like for like businesses located near us that use other POS software.  We can speak from experience with various loyalty options.