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Newsagents love the opportunity of a free Samsung 32″ flat-screen TV

Newsagents have loved the opportunity of a gift of a Samsung 32″ flat-screen TV from Tower Systems as part of the September promotion of its newsagency software.

Offering a well-known brand flat-screen TV as a gift reinforces the importance of brands. Tower Systems only sells brand name hardware for running its POS software.

Through its partnership with HP, Tower offers three-year on-site warranty coverage.

The Samsung TV offer was part of a supplier supported promotion that added value to the newsagency packages offered in September. This promotion has been an excellent point of different for Tower.


Sunday small business retailer management advice: human interaction is key to success

We switched a retailer to our Point of Sale software recently solely because of the poor support they had received from their previous POS software company. When calling their old POS company they place calls using a computerised phone system where you pressed a bunch of buttons to get to log your call for assistance.

Here at Tower Systems when you call you speak with a human, most likely our receptionist.Your query is listened to and then passed to someone, another human, who can help.

Our software company is thriving on the back of the human support we provide our retailer customers. Retail businesses can thrive on the back of human service too. There is no better way for a retailer to show off why dealing with them is better than dealing with online than by providing excellent human to human service.

Our retail management software has facilities through which retailers can improve the service they provide and thereby show off why dealing with them can be more useful and valuable for a shopper than going with an online business. Our support team can share ideas on these facilities in our software.


Bike shop software on show at Ausbike trade show next month

Tower Systems will be showing off the latest release of its bike shop software at the prestigious Ausbike trade show next month in Melbourne. This national trade show is an excellent opportunity for bike retailers to see the difference the professional bike retail management software from tower Systems offers.

Bike retailers can see the latest in customer loyalty facilities, serial number tracking, repairs management, sales management and electronic reordering tools – all for bike shops!


Why jewellers love jeweller software from Tower Systems

More jewellers are installing our jeweller software and as a result we are gaining a broader insight into why jewllers are choosing us. The key reasons jewellers choose our software and stay with using our software are:

  1. Control. Our jeweller software gives jewellers and their team control over their business from ordering through to sales tracking.
  2. You’re the expert. rather than telling our customers how to run their businesses, using our software jewellers can make their own decisions based on facts presented through accurate business data. We empower our customers to run their businesses their own way.
  3. Accuracy. Using our software jewellers can accurately track sales and this accurate data feeds into better business decisions.
  4. Speed. Transacting sales quickly is a major business benefit.
  5. Mistakes. Using our software you can expect to make fewer mistakes thanks to us eliminating keystrokes.
  6. Support. We are here with professional advice when you need it.  24/7.
  7. Updates. Our jeweller software is enhanced to serve emerging needs in the marketplace.

With hundreds of jewellers already using our software, Tower Systems is well positioned to help jewellers run efficient businesses that grow in value. We don’t presume to tell you how to run your business. Our job is to help you have easy access to accurate business information with which you can grow your own business in your own way.


Newsagents ready for Fairfax newspaper price increases

Thanks to early advice from Fairfax, newsagents using our newsagency software for retail and home delivery management have been ready for the price rises coming through for some Fairfax newspapers The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

We regularly work with suppliers and prepare advice for our customers while maintaining confidentiality of information as requested.  We have a range of non disclosure agreements in place to protect the interests of our suppliers.


Predicting the AFL Grand Final Winner by cupcakes

Our AFL Grand Final lunch today included team themed cupcakes.

With the Hawthorn cakes outnumbering and surrounding the Fremantle cakes we were in no doubt about the outcome we’re predicting for the Grand Final – a decisive win for our local AFL team. Our office is adjacent to the Hawks office.

The cupcakes were delicious by the way!


AFL Grand Final Lunch

Here is just part of the AFL Grand Final Lunch we put on today at our Hawthorn head office.

This spread coupled with some beer and cider on top of a filling breakfast made for a good way to celebrate grand Final ever while taking care of business and ensuring our customers were served.

We had plenty of people on leave today so the spread was not as big as it could have been.

The food selection ranged from gourmet pizzas through to healthy Subway sandwiches.


Helping small business retailers under stock turn, ROI and other key performance indicators

In our Point of Sale software we provide retailers with easy access to key performance indicators for their business. While many POS software packages provide access to this information, we take it further by offering training in how tounderstand this information and the business decisions that can flow from such understanding.

By helping our customers understand business terms like Return on Investment and Stock Turn and how such understanding drives more valuable business decisions Tower Systems is delivering practical, bankable, to many small and independent retail businesses.

As experienced retailers ourselves we understand the importance of managing a business based on sound data. We leverage our retail experience for our customers by providing advice they can understand and use to derive more value from their businesses.

Calls to our help desk can be about these business terms as much as they can be about advice on how to use our software. We welcome the opportunity to step outside the common software help desk service and delve deeper into business management training.


AFL Grand Final celebrations today

We’re kicking off the day today with our usual Friday breakfast for the head office team – but with a twist being AFL Grand Final eve.  Note the party pies and sausage rolls from a local bakery.  Next up is a lunch.

Being located in the heart of Hawthorn we have plenty to celebrate.

None of today’s celebrations will get in the away of our team providing their usual friendly and knowledgable service.


Retailers appreciate monthly POS software payment option

For years Tower Systems has offered retailers using its Point of Sale software the option of paying for software support monthly instead of annually up front. This is appreciated by customers as it helps them with business cash flow. It’s a differentiating point for Tower, providing customers with a payment plan option that does not come with a penalty.

This monthly payment option as well as support itself being 100% optional is Tower Systems backing itself and having customer have the right to choose what they pay and when to suit their needs.

How we handle support is another reason retailers switch to us.


Overhauling POS software advice sheets

Tower Systems last week commenced a review of all advice sheets to ensure that the advice contained in this extensive Point of Sale software user support resource. All 200+ advice sheets (close to 500 pages) documenting how to use our software will be reviewed and content refreshed to reflect the latest advice and operating processes relating to the software.

The result of the review will be a complete refresh of the advice sheet resources at the one time.  This project will take considerable time to complete given the extent of the advice sheets.

Investing man-weeks of time in the project is considered to be money well spent by the company as it delivers on its commitment to continuous improvement of the customer service we provide to retailers.

wed will announce here when the refreshed content has been published.


John Sands returns trial for newsagents

Tower Systems has been involved in the John Sands EDI returns trial from the initial proposition months ago. While we are concerned about the approach being taken by John Sands, as it restricts options for newsagents, we are not impeding engagement from our customers.


Pet Shop Software on show at Pet Expo in Melbourne next month

Tower Systems is thrilled to be showing its latest Pet Shop Software at the Pet Expo in Melbourne in October. Hosted by the PIAA, this expo is the premier event for pet retail professionals. Tower has been booked to participate for some months to bring our software serving pet shops to the marketplace.

With excellent pet shop reference sites and software tuned for the pet industry including suppliers, we are looking for ward to an excellent trade show.


How jeweller software helps save time in a jewellery business

Our video showing five tips for saving time in running a jewellery business using our jeweller software is proving to be popular with more than 350 views:


Small business retailers love QRki QR code publishing platform

QRki the QR code access and publishing platform for small business retailers is gaining traction as more businesses embrace the opportunity.

With free QR code generation for Facebook page likes, Twitter follows and LinkedIn follows and low cost  – $1 a month – access for QR code links to competition entries, videos, documents and other content, QRki is targeted squarely at small and independent retailers.

The feedback from customers in the week since launch has been excellent. They are loving having a new platform through which they can enhance the in-store customer experience.

We’re proud to bring this to market.  Existing Tower customers have FREE access to all QRki functions at the moment.


POS software training opportunities help small business retailers

Tower Systems last week released details of its POS software user training workshop program for October 2013. The latest training workshops, delivered live and interactive through our professional Web-Ex services, is available for booking now by Tower AdvantageTM customers.

By publishing the details of the training well i advance our customers can better plan their diaries.

Bookings are made online through our training portal from where you can update your calendar. Our approach is another example of a much-loved point of difference from Tower Systems.

The latest training workshops cover an excellent mix of topics.


Tyro broadband offer helps more newsagents switch

As more in the Tower newsagent community embrace the Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution as their preferred over the counter customer payment offer, Tyro and Tower have pitched a fresh opportunity to bring more into the tent.

The latest offer put out a week ago presents a compelling case for retailers looking to switch to Tyro. This coupled with $895.00 of benefits exclusive to Tower Systems customers bakes the opportunity even better.

The Tower Systems newsagency software / Tyro package is compelling beyond the price value: it cuts keystrokes, reduces mistakes, speeds shopper throughput and improves employee enjoyment. The benefits for the retail business are considerable. All these benefits and the Tower AdvantageTM help make it a winner for newsagents and other retailers.


Terrific trade show for newsagents in South Australia

Tower Systems is enjoying a terrific trade show with South Australian newsagents at the ANCOL organised trade show. We have had three people on our stand meeting with our many existing SA customers and connecting with plenty of new opportunities.

One of our newsagent clients did a well-received presentation on using our software to reorder stock – helping to educate newsagents on the best practice approach using our smart newsagency software.

We appreciate the opportunity to connect with our many SA customers.


Sunday small business retailer management advice: use receipts to promote your business

Retailers using our Tower Systems Point of Sale software have been able to include advertising, coupons and promotions on customer receipts. Smart retailers have engaged with this opportunity to wonderful commercial advantage.

Our Sunday advice today is to consider using this opportunity of the receipt as a marketing device to reach out to customers to get them spending more with you. The receipt is a perfect carrier of your message. The space is yours to use.

The photo shows how one retailer is using the receipt to drive engagement with their business Facebook page. others use receipt images to promote specific products. The opportunities are endless and the facility is easy to use.

Use your receipts to market your business and expect good results.


How discount vouchers help small independent retailers make more money

The discount voucher facilities being used by retailers enjoying the Point of Sale software from Tower Systems are increasing sales according to retailer feedback.  Just about every day we hear stories from retailers about additional sales they have made as a result of the discount vouchers produced by our software customer receipts.

Retailers moving from old-school points-based VIP card programs to discount vouchers report greater shopper engagement and new positive customer feedback about the vouchers.

Retailers where the vouchers have been in use for some months report measurable bottom line growth directly attributable to the Tower Systems discount vouchers.

Retailer feedback indicates that the discount vouchers are working in a broad range of businesses including jewellers, bike retailers, newsagents, garden centres, gift sips and homewares stores. We are seeing them work with high transaction values as well as low transaction values.

By front-ending loyalty, retailers are able to get shoppers spending more money in the business on that visit. This is vital in the situation where shoppers are not regulars in the business.  Those not using the voucher in the visit most likely will be back within a week. Feedback suggests that 45% of vouchers used are redeemed within seven days of the purchase.

The most common feedback is in the form of an email from a customer using discount vouchers like this one:

Just a quick note to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the discount vouchers. I have been using them for two months now and its like someone turned on the lights. Sales are up and customers are happier. Thank you!

Other customers give us specific examples of how the vouchers are used by customers. we love all the feedback. Some of it has helped us make enhancements to the discount vouchers facilities to extend the opportunity for our retail customers.

We are thrilled to have released such valuable software to our 2,000+ customers.


New stock files for POS software users

Retailers using our Point of sale now have access to the following new stock files on our website:

  • Spirit Publishing – September 2013
  • Henderson Greetings – September 2013

See inside our POS software company, watch these videos

Tower Systems leads in its various marketplaces in the transparency stakes. Not only are the contact details of our management and ownership readoly available, we have published a series of professional videos featuring interviews with key Tower Systems team members.

These videos show the human side of the company. They also show off our depth of commitment and the extraordinary history help within the company and its team members.

While we’re much bigger than those show in these videos, they do provide an insight into some of our team members.



Tower Systems launches QR code customer engagement platform for retailers

Point of Sale software company Tower Systems last week launched QRki, a QR code access platform for retailers.

Retailers and other small business operators can make videos, files, competition entry forms, Facebook links and other online content accessible through a unique QR code they generate using the QRki website.

We created QRki to help small businesses harness the opportunity of QR codes without needing to invest in software of their own.

We’ve kept the price low ($1 for 30 days) to make access affordable. Many QRki facilities are free. QRki is another example of our commitment to small businesses and independent retailers. We’ve also enabled QRki for anyone to use – you don’t need to be a Tower Systems customer.

Developed in Australia but for use from anywhere in the world, QRki is another example of cloud based innovation for small businesses.

QRki is available now for anyone from anywhere to use regardless of POS or other software used in the business.


Why omni-directional scanners are best for POS software use in retail

We were switching a retailer from software from another company recently when we encountered old hand-held scanners at the counter. While they scan barcodes, they are slow and somewhat inflexible.  For many years we have supplied our customers with omni-directional laser scanners and the photo shows the value of these scanners. You can see multiple laser lines shooting from the scanner. This makes scanning barcodes faster, easier and more accurate.

While our core focus is as a software company, often our advice with hardware helps retailers save time and money and at the retail counter, time is money.


New gift supplier stock file for POS software

Gift retailers using our Point of Sale software can now access the latest History and heraldry stock file.

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