We’re not your average software company.

We only work with small and independent retailers.  Through our training, mentoring and business assistance we genuinely help you use our POS software with confidence to tap into the benefits that can be yours.

Ours is not a company of computer geeks using tech-speak. No, most of us have retail experience. I’m the owner of the company and do at least a shift a week behind the counter of one of my shops using my POS software myself. Seriously.

Our training is one on one in your shop. This is backed by a wonderful up-to-date video training library.

Our help desk offers real human-based help, so you get the most from our software tools.

Our business advice and mentoring is available at your call to help you see new opportunities in your business.

But this is not about us, it’s about you and what you want from your business.

We help retailers turn around their businesses by saving time and by providing access to accurate data to guide better quality business decisions.

The ultimate goal is that when you come to sell your business you get a better price because of the money it’s making and the ease with which the business can be run.

We’d like to help you.