Tower Systems is well across the newspaper home delivery fee changes officially launched by News Corp. this morning. While the changes will not take effect for six months, Tower is able to reassure its 1,800+ newsagency software customers that their software will handle the changes.

Structural and financial in nature, the changes fit well with the fee structure options in the Tower newsagency software. In addition to handling the new structure, newsagents in the Tower community will be able to rely on their software for making the actual change in March 2014 – the timing of the change set by News.

The offering of a three-year contract to newsagents from News Corp. is also a welcome move. It provides newsagents with certainty for themselves and their financiers. It also provides them with an asset they can sell.

Being briefed about the changes has helped us ensure that our software development and help desk people are prepared for any queries. This is vital given the size of our newsagency software community – more newsagents use Tower than all other software companies combined.