Retail is detail … it’s a mantra espoused by retail experts the world over but one that challenges many small business retailers.

Tower Systems is on a mission this month to help small business retailers using its Point of Sale software to get more from their software by focussing on the detail. But we;re making it easy for them by doing some of the detail work ourselves. Through our free theft check and free business performance analysis services we are able to help retailers to get to the detail without having to do much of the data work themselves. We are offering to help get them to valuable outcomes sooner.

By showing retailers the gold available in their business data, through our free services, we are able to help our retail customers to achieve more from their software and through this to respect their business data more. The work we’re doing shows off the importance of following the Retail is detail mantra.

While we’re in business to sell our smart POS software, our abiding mission is to help small business retailers to create more valuable businesses.  We love it when a retailer engages with us and with our software and benefits as a result. It makes our day.