More jewellers are installing our jeweller software and as a result we are gaining a broader insight into why jewllers are choosing us. The key reasons jewellers choose our software and stay with using our software are:

  1. Control. Our jeweller software gives jewellers and their team control over their business from ordering through to sales tracking.
  2. You’re the expert. rather than telling our customers how to run their businesses, using our software jewellers can make their own decisions based on facts presented through accurate business data. We empower our customers to run their businesses their own way.
  3. Accuracy. Using our software jewellers can accurately track sales and this accurate data feeds into better business decisions.
  4. Speed. Transacting sales quickly is a major business benefit.
  5. Mistakes. Using our software you can expect to make fewer mistakes thanks to us eliminating keystrokes.
  6. Support. We are here with professional advice when you need it.  24/7.
  7. Updates. Our jeweller software is enhanced to serve emerging needs in the marketplace.

With hundreds of jewellers already using our software, Tower Systems is well positioned to help jewellers run efficient businesses that grow in value. We don’t presume to tell you how to run your business. Our job is to help you have easy access to accurate business information with which you can grow your own business in your own way.