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Garden centre software promotion in leading industry journal

We are excited for the promotion of our garden centre software in a leading trade journal later this month as it will announce the release of new software with enhancements developed with some leading garden centres.

One of the most exciting enhancements is in the area of shopper loyalty. We are combining VIP facilities and discount voucher facilities to create an even better suite for garden centres keen on offering both and combining them for greater shopper power and business value.

We see our work with garden centres and nurseries in Australia and New Zealand as joining in a journey to deliver better business efficiency and more valuable business success. This is done through improved customer experiences, more efficient inventory management and astute business performance reporting guiding better decisions.

We call it a journey because there is no end point. Like all good software, our POS software and our garden centre software continue to evolve to meet the  needs of the evolving marketplace.

this latest promotion in a trade journal is exciting for the feedback it will bring.



Bike shop software offer – free Samsung flatscreen TV

Tower Systems is promoting an offer to bike shops, offering its Bike Shop software as a package deal for a brief time only with a FREE Samsung flatscreen TV. Put together as part of a package deal, this offer helps make the Tower Bike shop software more enticing in the period leading up to the buy christmas trading period. The offer is already helping see the tower Bike shop software get into more bike shops.

The Tower Systems bike shop software is the most widely used bike shops specific software in the marketplace, delivering access to specialist facilities for retail, workshop management, customer relationship management and supplier interaction.

the Tower bike shop software is regarded as the bike retail industry best practice software.

This latest offer connects with a desire from suppliers, groups and bike retailers to lift the channel into a more integrated IT worlds where online and high street opportunities can be leveraged for the benefit of all.  Tower Systems is grateful to many stakeholders for their support and encouragement in further enhancing the software into fresh areas to add value to bike shop businesses.


Gift card options help POS software users make more form their software

Not only does Tower Systems offer awesome POS software that can be used by retailers to manage gift cards, the company offers a gift card design and production service. Using our own in-house designer, we have been responsible for producing cards for many different retail businesses – large and small.

Our latest gift card order form allows customers to order a gift card from templates established or have their own bespoke card made. This flexibility in gift card options reflects the flexibility in our software – helping retailers use our POS software in the way that best suits their needs.

By enabling retailers to produce their own gift cards and manage card balances using our software provides our customers with a whole of business solution, a means through which they can retain more revenue for their business rather than shipping it to other retailers by selling their branded gift cards.

In addition to excellent gift cards and POS software managing gift card balances, we work with retailers on the engagement on the shop floor, drawing on our own years of experience as retailers using gift cards ourselves. This personal experience helps us provide a level of assistance on implementing facilities like this in our software that go considerably beyond what the traditional software company offers.


Sunday small business retailer management advice: free training helps you grow your business

Retailers using the free Tower Advantage training available through the Tower Systems website love the 130+ fresh and professionally made videos that explain in detail how to use our Point of Sale software in each of the retail marketplaces for which we have versions.

Promoted with a quirky animated video on our website, the Tower Advantage Training is an exclusive and valuable suite of training that retailers tell us helps them make more for their business from their computer system.

Tower Systems customers can choose their marketplace and then select learning streams. Videos are short, easily replayed and accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Retailers love this free training.


Garden centre software supports garden centres and nurseries and their suppliers

Our Tower Systems Garden centre software supports the Nursery and Garden Industry NSW & ACT association.

Through formal sponsorship and support for professional development and networking events our work with the NGINA is important to us and to our customers.

Through our work with the NGINA we have developed a better understanding of the needs of garden centres and nurseries and their suppliers. This has resulted in further enhancement of our garden centre software for the benefit of existing and future customers.

Our garden centre software has grown out of our generic Point of sale software. We have included facilities specific to the needs of garden centres such as repotting that save time and enhance the services available to a garden centre.

One thing we love about working with garden centres is the people we get to work with. We’re encountering happy and relaxed people who love their jobs and love their customers. We love this!


The danger of the POS software company slashing its prices

In the last few weeks we have seen two competitors slash their Point of Sale software prices by between 33% and 50% to try and win business in a competitive tussle with us.  In each case we have focused on demonstrating the value of our software and the value of the training and after sales services we provide.

In each instance we won the business without dropping our price.

We respect the quality of our Point of Sale software and will not chase business on price for to do so would disrespect the quality of our software and support services.

Just as retail is tough for some, selling retail management software is tough. The businesses with the best product backed by the best services are best positioned for the long term.

Our message to retailers considering POS software being offered at an extraordinary discount – maybe the deal is too good to be true for the long term.


Video series taking you inside our POS software company

Tower Systems has created a new page on our website for accessing the video interviews we are doing with team members. Inside our POS software company lists all the interviews filmed so far. They show real people providing authentic service to our retail customers.

The videos demonstrate a transparency by us about who we are and what we stand for. While anyone can say they have so many people or provide certain services, having real people talk about what they do and putting their name to it makes a world of difference.

These unscripted interviews show off the Tower Systems difference in a genuine and heartfelt way.

Our commitment is to live locally based customer service targeted at selected retail channels. People calling for support get to speak with humans. We happily share the names of our team members to show we’re real. Check out the videos.


Plants Plus VIP program integration delivers new benchmark in loyalty facilities

Thanks to a new loyalty program integration delivered by Tower Systems through its Point of Sale software for the Plants Plus group, Plants Plus retailers can offer the group-wide loyalty program run by the Danks owned Plants Plus.

Meeting the requirements to integrate to the externally managed and run loyalty offer is another way the Tower retail management software si demonstrating flexibility and maturity not only for Plants Plus retailers but for other groups looking for smafrter more innovative loyalty offerings.

The Plants Plus integration is the fourth type of loyalty offering supported by the leading Tower software.

Retailers can run loyalty through Tower at the store, banner or geographic level. It’s very flexible.  It can manage points, dollar rewards, prize rewards and other benefits.


Retail business POS software support fee rip off

We have been given a copy of a support invoice from a competitor which software that software support coverage is labelled as compulsory registration. The invoice indicates that if this is not paid, access to electronic invoices will be cut off. Since this is an important time-saving facility for retailers some will feel economically pressured to pay the ‘registration’ fee to keep getting the time-saving electronic invoices.

Our view is that once someone has paid for the software, paying for software support should be optional. This is how it has been always at Tower Systems and how it will continue. We want our customers paying support because they like what we do and not because of a threat of economic and operational hardship.


Pet shop software attracting retail customers

The pet shop software launched a while back by Tower Systems is attracting more users and interest as the benefits become even more obvious to retailers in the network. Serving small independent stores and connected groups, the pet shop software is well placed to help pet shop retailers to serve their customers and drive sales for the business.

Thanks to our integrated group-wide loyalty offers, serial number tracking and a host of other facilities, pet shop retailers can rely on this software to be a valuable business partner – driving business efficiency, growing revenue and helping the business to benefit in many ways.


New product launch for small retailers

Tower Systems is set to release a new product for small business retailers. In the final days of QA prior to launch, this new product is cloud based and will be of use to every retailer, offering facilities with which they can more valuably compete. We’re very excited and will share details here in a few days.


Enhancing the VIP card / discount voucher opportunity

The latest release of the Tower Systems Point of Sale software has delivered an even better solution in the VIP card / discount voucher space. By connecting twi quite different loyalty offers in our software in a unique retailer-driven way, Tower Systems is empowering retailers to run with the loyalty pitch that best suits their business needs. This includes offering either loyalty program or a blend of both or converting from one to the other in a way that carries forward value.

Tower Systems provides leadership in best practice loyalty solutions designed to provide small business retailers facilities and abilities to leverage shopper engagement to be more loyal and therefore more commercially valuable for the business as well as valuable for the shopper.

Loyalty, after all, is about driving benefits for the business and the shopper.

The latest enhancements are out now and being used by engaged retailers.


Helping newsagents handle News Limited newspaper home delivery fee changes

Tower Systems is well across the newspaper home delivery fee changes officially launched by News Corp. this morning. While the changes will not take effect for six months, Tower is able to reassure its 1,800+ newsagency software customers that their software will handle the changes.

Structural and financial in nature, the changes fit well with the fee structure options in the Tower newsagency software. In addition to handling the new structure, newsagents in the Tower community will be able to rely on their software for making the actual change in March 2014 – the timing of the change set by News.

The offering of a three-year contract to newsagents from News Corp. is also a welcome move. It provides newsagents with certainty for themselves and their financiers. It also provides them with an asset they can sell.

Being briefed about the changes has helped us ensure that our software development and help desk people are prepared for any queries. This is vital given the size of our newsagency software community – more newsagents use Tower than all other software companies combined.


Helping small business retailers leverage retail is detail

Retail is detail … it’s a mantra espoused by retail experts the world over but one that challenges many small business retailers.

Tower Systems is on a mission this month to help small business retailers using its Point of Sale software to get more from their software by focussing on the detail. But we;re making it easy for them by doing some of the detail work ourselves. Through our free theft check and free business performance analysis services we are able to help retailers to get to the detail without having to do much of the data work themselves. We are offering to help get them to valuable outcomes sooner.

By showing retailers the gold available in their business data, through our free services, we are able to help our retail customers to achieve more from their software and through this to respect their business data more. The work we’re doing shows off the importance of following the Retail is detail mantra.

While we’re in business to sell our smart POS software, our abiding mission is to help small business retailers to create more valuable businesses.  We love it when a retailer engages with us and with our software and benefits as a result. It makes our day.


Tower Systems newsagents take out all major awards at Queensland Newsagent of the Year Awards

Congratulations to newsagents using our newsagency software in Queensland who won all major award categories at the Queensland Newsagent of the Year Awards last night:

  • New Technology Newsagency of Year newsagency – Macrae News Mt Isa
  • Lottery Newsagency of the Year – Northgate News
  • Distribution Newsagent of the Year  – Chirn Park News
  • Retail Newsagent of the Year – Herbert River News

Well done.  Well deserved!


Sunday small business retailer management advice: chase what you don’t know

We love it when retailers ask us for help in better understanding their business. We embrace the opportunity, digging into their data, looking for insights about their business that they may not have been presented before.

We think it’s important for retailers to chase what they don’t know about their businesses. Often, buried in their business data, are insights into customer behaviour, supplier support and product performance that they may have missed in their day to day management.

So our tip today is for retailers to use their business data and to ask our help in doing this. We will gladly delve deep into data and present to retailers information they may have missed or not even seen before, vital information about their business that can feed better business decisions.

Chase what you don’t know about your retail business and be ready to unlock valuable opportunities. The result can be a more valuable business.


Tower Systems is not your average POS software company

We’re not your average software company.

We only work with small and independent retailers.  Through our training, mentoring and business assistance we genuinely help you use our POS software with confidence to tap into the benefits that can be yours.

Ours is not a company of computer geeks using tech-speak. No, most of us have retail experience. I’m the owner of the company and do at least a shift a week behind the counter of one of my shops using my POS software myself. Seriously.

Our training is one on one in your shop. This is backed by a wonderful up-to-date video training library.

Our help desk offers real human-based help, so you get the most from our software tools.

Our business advice and mentoring is available at your call to help you see new opportunities in your business.

But this is not about us, it’s about you and what you want from your business.

We help retailers turn around their businesses by saving time and by providing access to accurate data to guide better quality business decisions.

The ultimate goal is that when you come to sell your business you get a better price because of the money it’s making and the ease with which the business can be run.

We’d like to help you.


More retailers choosing the ad screen on POS software to promote their business

More and more retailers implementing our Point of Sale software are choosing the respected HP all in one unit for their register. This compact unit can include a quality customer-facing display that enables the business to promote products it sells for impulse purchase by the customer at the sales counter. This is a far more practical and valuable solution for the business than a large screen display located elsewhere in the business that may promote products available from other retailers.

Supported by good ad serving software in our POS software, our customers are able to promote what they want when they want.

This is another way we are helping retailers make money from their IT investment.


Helping newsagents understand the opportunity of best-practice software

Tower Systems has appreciated the opportunity of being the only software company presenting in the business development workshop sessions at the GNS Market Fairs. In these sessions we have been encouraging newsagents to embrace data as a core asset of the business – by collecting and cultivating business data for the benefit of the business throughout.

In the Q&A session that follows we are often asked about computer systems and their practical value for newsagents. As the supplier of newsagency software being used by more than 1,800 newsagents today, we are well placed to speak to newsagent engagement and benefits.

The GNS market Fair sessions also help other software companies as they demonstrate the importance of software to the running of today’s newsagency business. Indeed, one other software company liked the presentation so much they had representatives attend.


Learning how our bike shop software is used

Several Tower Systems team members benefited last week from seeing how our bike shop software benefits bike retailers as well as bike shop suppliers with a series of field meetings. The field visits included time at Sheppard Industries in Auckland, the manufacturers of the prestigious Avanti range of bikes.

Seeing our software being used and how people use the data cultivated by the software helps us understand opportunities for further enhancement. This is where field trips can be tremendously valuable to the future of our software as well as to customer experiences.

Our bike shop software is used in 200+ bike retail businesses in Australia and New Zealand.


Tyro broadband eftpos helps retailers cut mistakes and save time

Retailers and customers don’t like waiting for EFTPOS and credit card transactions to go through. Some can be slow. Years ago we partnered with Tyro broadband EFTPOS to deliver an integrated solution – making handling EFTPOS payments from within our spftware easier, faster and more accurate than a separate bank supplied terminal.

Our friends at Tyro have put together a free trial offer, to enable retailers to try Tyro for themselves and see the difference offered by Tyro and our smart integration of its benefits within our software. This offer for Tower Systems customers is being more into the Tyro community.

We like Tyro because it helps retailers eliminate keystrokes at the counter, process EFTPOS payments faster and reduce mistakes. Staff love it and this in itself helps the business. The commercial benefits are considerable.


Another newsagency software exclusive from Tower Systems

Tower Systems will be the only newsagency software company at all GNS Market Fairs this year. While sales are a goal at these events, they are really about customer service for us. Through the course of GNS Market Fair events in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Launceston, and Brisbane we will get to see many of the 1,800+ newsagents using our newsagency software. No other software company attends all events.


POS software users benefit from further enhancements to loyalty facilities

Tower Systems yesterday released further retail shopper loyalty enhancements to its Point of Sale software. The latest enhancements will benefit retailers using our points-based loyalty facilities as well as our discount vouchers facility.

developed in the field with several retailers, the latest enhancements extend the functionality and further enhance our point of difference.

We are grateful to the customers involved in beta testing our software and guiding us on enhancements that help them run more successful retail businesses.


Touch screen button library helps POS software retailers drive efficiency

Retailers using our Point of Sale software have access to a library of touchscreen buttons for customising their touch screens to suite their particular needs. In addition to the free library, they can easily make their own buttons – further enhancing customisation of our software to serve their business needs.

We know that streamlining sales counter functions improves the enjoyment of employees in a retailer in addition to reducing mistakes and making the overall business more efficient.

Our work in this area is another way Tower Systems is helping retailers to build more valuable retail businesses.

The photo shows just some of the touch screen buttons available to retailers using our POS software.


Support for new Tatts / Golden casket lottery ticket barcodes released today

Tower Systems is today releasing a software update to support the new barcodes that will be produced on Tatts / Golden Casket tickets following the release of a software update by Tatts. The barcode generated by the lottery terminal contains the ticket price.

Our newsagency software reads and interprets the barcode, enabling the selling of the ticket without having to press any keys on a keyboard or on a touch screen. This will save time at the counter and improve shopper throughput. The software change has passed comprehensive quality assurance tests.

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