The Plants Plus corporate loyalty program integration with the Tower Systems garden centre POS software offers another loyalty option not only to Plants Plus stores but also to other groups of retailers looking to roll out a group-wide loyalty solution.

Developed by Tower Systems is association with the Vii Accumulate loyalty specialists, the Vii integration undertaken by Tower is now available for other groups too.

The Vii integration is one of several loyalty integrations and offerings from Tower as it leads in a range of specialist retail marketplaces in the loyalty stakes. From single store solutions to group wide loyalty solutions Tower Systems is providing to be flexible, competitive and valuable in helping retailers serve their customers with flexible and valuable loyalty offerings.

Integrations to platforms such as Vii are not offered to everyone and they can be complex and expensive to complete and pass.

Other loyalty offerings from Tower Systems include:

  1. Single store VIP card support.
  2. Multi store VIP card support.
  3. Discount vouchers.
  4. VIP card / Discount voucher joint program.
  5. Two other loyalty integrations.

Flexibility is the key here. tower Systems offers its customers genuine choice when it comes to loyalty.