1. Roster based on sales. Look at your sales by time and roster accordingly.
  2. Order based on stock sales – using a recorder report is more efficient than manual ordering.
  3. Use integrated eftpos – Tyro connected directly to your Tower software – eliminate costly mistakes.
  4. Eliminate keystrokes at the counter. Every keystroke eliminated is a potential mistake saved. Scan all you sell for a good start.
  5. Manage your end of shift. Use the end of shift processes in our software and get rid of challenged manual processes.
  6. Backup when you want. Using flexible backup processes save time with an off site backup done when you choose.
  7. replace manual processes where appropriate in your business: customer age checking, LayBy, serial number tracking, shopper loyalty, shopper special orders.
  8. Easily transfer accounting related data to your accounting system and eliminate double handling.
  9. Catch shopper theft through structured spot stock takes.
  10. Catch employee theft through consistent use of theft management tools.

Tower Systems offers more money saving opportunities in its Point of Sale software for a broad range of retail niches. We will help you get the most from our software.