The Sydney Morning Herald last week ran a story about more challenges for bike retailers as they face tough online competition. While the news story was a bit of doom and gloom, here at Tower systems we are thrilled to be able to help bike retailers compete with online businesses.

Bike and other retailers can compete with online by engaging with POS software and improving the customer-facing experience.


Using our Bike shop software, bike retailers can deliver a better customer service outcome. They can do this by streamlining the sales process, offering shopper rewards for the next purchase, providing more meaningful and valuable after-sales follow-up and through offering buy-now pricing – two-tiered pricing that combats the showrooming challenge faced by many retailers today.

While our bike shop software offers more facilities than these, this list covers the items we see working the best.

Indeed, the buy-now pricing opportunities in the software present an excellent way for a bike retailer to convert a browser into a purchaser on the shop floor on the spot. This can be money in the bank if handled well by the business. hence the value of using the software to target this in a structured way.

Here at Tower Systems we believe in high street retail and the important role it plays in local communities in employment and community engagement. We will continue to enhance our software to ensure that it delivers practical value for retailers with which to compete with online businesses.