Providing POS software support that users rate as good is pretty straightforward in our view. It involves responding to calls, emails and other contact points in a timely and professional manner.

It frustrates us that some software companies don’t care and provide poor advice or take days to get back to customers. This causes some software users to think all software companies are alike.

Here at Tower Systems we take providing professional support in a timely way seriously. In fact, the seriousness of our approach is evident in the accessibility of our management team for escalation.

All calls to our help desk are tracked and monitored by a professional CRM system tailored to our needs and targeting our customer service level commitment.

This help desk access is backed by an equally transparent customer service escalation process. Demonstrating the transparency of our escalation process, here are the escalation points we share with our customers regularly:

You can see these and other team members featured in our recent videos introducing peopleinside our POS software company.

Our accessibility is another point of difference for Tower Systems. We’re happy to show that we are a company of real people providing real support for users of our software.