Our Point of Sale software in in high use right now in managing the setup and management of catalogues in all sorts of retail businesses for the Christmas season. Being able to handle multiple catalogues at once, our software is loved by retailers as they service every day discount business alongside Christmas sales.

We work with suppliers, retail marketing groups, wholesalers and retailers to make running catalogues as easy to operate and straightforward to manage.

By enabling the easy management of special pricing and other terms for a collection of products and for a specified date range, retailers using our Point of Sale software are able to track and handle a variety of Christmas related offers.

While we call the facilities catalogue management, they go way beyond this, delivering access to whole of business tools of value to retailers.

It is at the sales counter where our catalogue management facilities save time as they enable the sales team to focus on selling rather than having to check pricing to ensure they charge correctly.  Our software applies pricing according to the rules created in our catalogue management facilities.  these rules can be price based.  They can also volume based – i.e. buy this and get that for free.

In the back office, we track catalogue performance and provide management reporting to enable appropriate business management attention to be paid on this.