More and more jewellers and jewellery business managers are preferring jeweller software that facilitates them making better business decisions. There is a push in the jewellery business channel against software that requires expensive consulting services to be engaged to help manage the business.

Here at Tower Systems we see our job as creating the best possible jeweller management software with which business owners and managers can run their businesses efficiently, drive sales growth and make more valuable business decisions.

We don’t charge consulting fees to use the software or to interpret reports. Our reports are designed for anyone to use and gain value from. This saves our clients money. It also empowers them and their employees to use the software as they would any business tool. It Provides them with ownership overt the results of their efforts and this can be far more valuable for their business.

Jewellers using our software pay one small software support fee a year. This is thousands of dollars less than the consulting fees we hear others pay from time to time.

Jewellers are loving our software. Feedback from recent installations underscores the value we are delivering in our latest software – this is thanks to enhancements driven by suggestions from our customers.