When you call the Tower Systems Point of Sale software help desk for assistance you get to nominate your own call priority. This puts the customer on control of timing from the outset – should the call not be put immediate through to the help desk.

We operate three call priorities and customers choose those most appropriate to their needs:

  • P1 – system down, immediate attention required.
  • P2 – urgent, please resolve ASAP.
  • P3 – not so urgent, call as soon as you have time.

Given the many calls are handled immediately, only a portion have a priority applied to them. Those that do are responded to according to the priority set.

P3 is our default priority if none is nominated. Our customers can at any time have a call upgraded in priority.

By giving customers complete control in call priority we are also giving them control over resource allocation and resolution expectation. We have found this works for them as well as us. We regularly promote the priority system to our customers, to let them know their options for making contact with our team whether it be by phone, email, website or direct from within our software.

Customer service attention is as important to us as it is to our customers. We understand that plenty of our business comes from customer referral – hence our focus on providing a transparent and well-managed service.