One of our POS software customers called on the weekend once their realised that they had increased the price of more than 80,000 stock items managed using our software. in checking gross profit they had gone a couple of steps further and updated prices, adding around 20% of the existing prices.

Thanks to professional protection and tracking built into our software our weekend support team had them back with their right prices in no time. A call that started with a stressed customer pleading for help was quickly resolved with little disruption to the business.

Small business retailers want control over their businesses and sometimes, using the facilities in our software, they do something they ant undone. We have a supportive and proactive team of experts working here at Tower Systems who help ensure that our customers have someone they can turn to when they have made a mistake. This is what a good help does – beyond providing traditional software support. Thanks to our own retail experience and many long-term team members we are able to bring calm to a stressful situation and usually get our customers back to where they were before they went off the playing field.

Thanks to powerful data tracking and protection we can help and often do.