While computers are pretty resilient to the rigours of a busy retail environment, the most common problems we see relate to environmental issues that can be addressed. For example, cleaning some hardware components will make them less likely to fail.

Here’s some safe actions anyone can take to facilitate more stable hardware:

  1. Disconnect your receipt printer. Turn it upside down. Open the tip. Tap it and see what falls out. Often, plenty of dust and other junk. You could also gently vacuum the printer.
  2. Turn your keyboard upside down and tap it the same as the printer. Paper clips and staples are especially damaging.
  3. With the power off, cables disconnected and the case removes, blow compressed air from a can through your computers.
  4. Make sure airflow in and around the computer is good.
  5. Use compressed to clean the vents of your monitors.
  6. make sure your uninterruptible power supply is working. They need replacing every few years.

If you’re not sure, call in a computer technician and ask them to clean your gear.