We have seen two more examples this past week in why the POS software integrated Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution is better than a bank-supplied alternative.

  1. A customer who went with bank supplied integrated EFTPOS encountered problems and no one wanted to own the problems. It could have been Tower, the bank or their external EFTPOS management company. Our support team proved that the problem was not caused by our software nor was it related to us.  It took the bank and the external EFTPOS people months to resolve it was a hardware issue, hardware not recommended or supplied by us. The time cost in working this was considerable.  The frustration for us is that had our recommendation been taken from the outset the issue would not have occurred.
  2. Another customer experienced an employee theft situation when using an external, not connected to the POS, EFTPOS terminal. The employee preyed on poor business management and the tech. disconnect and stole from the business. had the business followed our EFTPOS advice they would not have encountered the problem and not suffered the cost of theft.

Here at Tower Systems we recommend Tyro broadband EFTPOS because it’s integrated with our software, easy to use, fast and extremely well supported. We love Tyro and use it ourselves in our own retail businesses. It’s this personal experience in our shops that makes us passionate about Tyro.