xxnaf99Several retailers have told us their they attribute the double-digit year on year growth they have been experiencing for the last four months to their introduction of our shopper loyalty driving discount vouchers earlier this year.

There is no doubting their growth – it is indicated in the data direct from their Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

What is exciting about the growth is that it is a whole of business growth.  Tracking back through the data, including the discount voucher use data, we can see shopper behaviour being driven / guided by the vouchers, we can see shoppers responding to the voucher opportunities. This is very exciting, being able to track shopper behaviour at the basket and SKU level. It validates all the work done by so many to bring the innovative loyalty offer to market.

Two businesses we have seen data for this week are tracking close to 20% year on year sales growth. The loyalty offering is costing them less than 2%. Most of the growth is being achieved in high margin lives with GP of 60% and more.

Being able to track performance of the discount vouchers is tremendously valuable to each business and to us as we share the discount vouchers success story with more retailers and their suppliers.