Retailers using The Tower Systems Point of Sale software have had access to LayBy / Layaway facilities for many years and over that time the facilities have been finessed in response to feedback.

Offering excellent flexibility for retailers who want to offer the Layaway / LayBy service, the Tower software handles all accounting and paperwork, making selling, payments and collection easy. It does it in a way that is professional and consistent – two important requirements when offering a Layaway / LayBy service.

It is this time of the year, Christmas time, when the facilities are put to the test with many collections being undertaken of pre-purchased Christmas gifts. Thanks to strong management facilities including excellent reporting, retailers using the Tower software are able to manage Layaways / LayBys with a minimum time investment. This helps the business make more from the opportunity.

The execution of the Layaway / LayBy facilities in the Tower Systems Point of sale software are another valuable differentiation for the company.