As the newsagency software company with more newsagents using our newsagency software than newsagents using all other newsagency software packages combined we are often sought out as a partner for companies wanting to engage with newsagents.

Tower Systems now serves in excess of 1,900 newsagents as active customers and this network is valuable to start-up suppliers.

We take our leadership position seriously and reject far more approaches than we accept. We consider each approach on its merits in terms of whether we trust the the benefit for newsagents and whether the claimed value can be achieved.  Business relationships are formed solely on the merits of value for our customers and not their commercial value to us.

As the market leader we have the benefit of being picky about our partners. Indeed, we are very picky.

There is and always be a difference from time to time in what Tower Systems offers versus other newsagency software companies. This is a difference we choose to embrace. It’s a difference that reflects our absolute market leadership position.