Retail is evolving rapidly as anyone who owns a retail business knows. While it is hard for retailers to keep up with the changes and challenges, it is even harder for POS software companies to keep up, to keep relevant to the demands of retail today.

Here at Tower Systems we not only develop smart POS software, we use it ourselves, in our own retail businesses. This practical experience gives us an advantage that we leverage for our customers and for ourselves.

The latest example of us leveraging our own experience in retail for our customers  and ourselves is the expansion of our POS software knowledge base to include even more business management and related advice – helping our retailer community with more resources for guiding better quality business decisions, even those somewhat removed from our software itself.

In the week since Christmas we have added prepared more peer-reviewed content for our customers, content that goes beyond the use of the software and delves into the management of retail businesses. This expanding knowledge base is being used more and more by our customers as they seek to make more from their businesses.

We enjoy being able to serve our customers beyond what is traditional for a POS software company and appreciate the benefit of leveraging our own retail business experience to present more ideas and suggestions to our customers. We are thrilled with feedback from our customers about their use of the expanding knowledge base.

The knowledge base facility we offer our customers is unique in content and accessibility.